First IoPT
for russian speaking public
Three Days Special Offer:
English-Language Segment of the First IoPT Online Event for the Russian-Speaking Audience
What to Expect at the Congress
  • 6 informative lectures

    from leading experts in the International Society for Identity-oriented Psychotrauma Therapy
  • 6 therapeutic processes

    with the chance to win a therapeutic session for yourself
  • 3 unique opportunities

    to undergo therapeutic work under the guidance of Franz Ruppert
Congress Key Speakers
Franz Ruppert
Founder of Identity-Oriented Psychotrauma Therapy (IoPT).

A leading international expert in psychotrauma therapy, Doctor of Psychology, Professor, lecturer at the Catholic University of Applied Sciences in Munich, and practicing psychotherapist.

Author of 12 books on the psyche and psychotrauma and its impact on all areas of human life, six of which have been translated into Russian.
Aleksandra Leonova
The first licensed IoPT trainer in Russia, organizer of the annual educational program in Russian, and IoPT teacher in Russia.

Speaker at the 5th International Congress 2020 on "IoPT and the Consequences of Experienced Abortion".

Workshop Facilitator of "I want to live, love, and be loved".

Organizer of Franz's seminars in Russia, translator, and coordinator for publishing Franz's books in Russian.

Organizer and speaker at the first international online congress on IoPT in Russian, scheduled for April 26-28, 2024.
Marta Torshheim
Founder of the first IoPT institute in Norway, conducts lectures, seminars, and training in Norway and abroad.

Co-author of two of Professor Ruppert's books: "My Body, My Trauma, My I" and "Early Trauma".

Sponsor and co-translator of the award-winning documentary "In Utero".

Closely collaborates with Professor Dr. Franz Ruppert and Dr. Gabor Maté, assisting in the development of IoPT in other countries.
Geir Dale
IoPT trainer and facilitator in Norway.

Teaching assistant at the Institute for Trauma Work.

Political scientist, therapist, and gestalt therapy mentor.

Worked as a consultant focusing on conflict resolution in private and public enterprises, shelters, conflict councils, and with the Red Cross.

Author of the book "From Conflict to Cooperation. A Textbook on Working with Conflicts with Youth", published by Cappelen Akademisk in 2006.
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April 26-28
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6 lectures and 6 therapeutic sessions
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Congress Organizer
  • Aleksandra Leonova
    Supported by the Association for the Development of Human Healthy Autonomy, Germany, Franz Ruppert; and the Institute of IoPT Norway, Marta Torshheim.

Congress Preparation Team
  • Konstantin Savin
    Certified facilitator in the IoPT method, recommended by Franz Ruppert.

    Coordinator and Technical Support
  • Liya Zhuravleva
    Psychologist-sexologist, trauma therapist, certified facilitator in the IoPT method.

    Participant Information Support
  • Alina Savina
    Psychologist, trauma therapist, certified facilitator in the IoPT method.

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